You are what you measure. At QST, testing is an essential element in supporting its supply chain management and daily operations. Each part that QST produced or out-sourced goes through testing processes for quality validation. We test your parts so that you do not have to.

Led by Q-Lab, a total of five testing laboratories located in Taiwan, China and Thailand provide the most professional testing services to the fastener industry. In scale, Q-Lab laboratories produce 100,000 testing certificates and reports annually. In scope, Q-Lab laboratories are fully equipped for the testing of male, female and un-threaded fasteners as well as other metal parts and assemblies. By taking this advantage, Q-Lab provides third party testing service in Taiwan, China and Thailand at a competitive rate with A2LA accredited quality.

3rd Party Inspection in Taiwan & China 
Mechanical Test
Dimensional Test
Exist of Hexavalent Chromate
Other activities are not covered under A2LA Scope of accreditation

Consulting Services
 New laboratory set up in Taiwan & China
Fasteners failure investigation
Quality issue

Collaborative R&D Laboratory
Project experiment
VA / VE assistance

Training Course
Fasteners testing methods
Q.A. staff training
On-Site training available

Testing Equipment & Reference Standard
Representative of Greenslade1 in Asia
Representative of UPA2 in Asia

1. Greenslade & Co. Inc. is A2LA accredited Calibration laboratory cert. no. 1032.01
2. UPA Technbology Inc. is A2LA accredited Calibration laboratory cert. no. 1588.01