Through continuous adaptation, innovation and crossing the boundaries, QST has been growing from scratch to now a $350 million fastener company and evolved into a diversified full service provider with operational sites located in Asia, Europe and America. Driven by the needs and wants of its customers and markets worldwide, QST has been introducing and developing advance concepts, technologies, processes, equipment and practices continuously to enhance and improve its daily operations and services for a sustainable future. It is the mission of QST in bringing extraordinary value to its customers, stakeholders, societies and environment through continuous improvement of Quality, Service and Teamwork.

Leading Technologies: Headed by its subsidiary, ESKA Automotive, Germany, QST provides light weight fastening solutions including Aludrive┬« aluminum bolts and ultra-high strength steel fasteners for weight saving applications. In 2018, XESKA, the very first aluminum bolts factory in Asia, is established and entered into mass production in Xiamen, China.  Following the megatrend of electrification and new energy, QST has been developing next generation fasteners for electric vehicles applications as well as fixtures and connectors used in battery industry and smart grid. In addition to cold and warm forming technologies, warm forming process has been installed to further expand its production capabilities and technology leadership.

Best Cost Manufacturing: Under the sever competition worldwide, maintaining the best cost structure dynamically is a must. With multiple production plants located in Taiwan, China, Germany and USA, QST has been continuously monitoring, guiding and allocating its product manufacturing for the best cost structure. Among different manufacturing sites, all the cost elements are verified periodically for strategic planning. Under the core concepts of consolidated production, focused plant, process integration and automation, similar family of products are consolidated into assigned focused plantsto maximize scale of economic. Followed by process integration and automation, efforts of increasing efficiency is made nonstop to further drive down its manufacturing costs.


Full Service Capabilities:By integrating its resources and capabilities of engineering, quality, production, purchasing and logistics, QST provides a full service of fastening technologies to its customers from the early design phase throughout the entire lifecycle of products. By co-design with its customers, QST engineers offer best-in-class fastening solutions to put quality, assembly efficiency and overall performance in application. Withits in-house production programs combined with global sourcing infrastructure, complete range of fasteners, metal parts, stampings and assemblies can be consolidated into an integrated supply package. Through its logistics warehouses located in USA, Mexico, Germany, China, Thailand and rest of the world, tailor made vendor inventory management and replenishment programs through EDI data interchange are served for care free procurements.