"Q.S.T.” (Quality , Service and Teamwork) are our primary concepts to produce and supply various screw, nuts, and other Industrial Hardware. The vision of our company is to build up global logistics networks. To achieve our goal, we fully aware and will apply the concept of legal environment protection and pollution prevention into our production procedure and service activities. Further more, using the environment management system to enhance the capability of “continuous improvement” and to pursue a heathy enterprise continuously growing without damaging our limited resource of Mother EARTH.
In order to keep the effective environment management, QST will abide by the following directions , to train all the staffs and announce to all the residents and subsidiaries:

With the spirit of continuous improvement and pollution prevention, educate our staff for environment protection, and communicate with the suppliers and contractors for the issue of environment.
All of the company’s activities, products and
service should be in accordance with government’s
regulations、the corrective actions of internal
and/or external audit and the instructions from management review as well as any other affairs
which assigned by company highest authority.
QST shall also Revise her environment policy,
Goals and objects and announce it to the related
Adopt appropriate technique and equipment for production and pollution prevention, reduce the
garbage and prevent the pollution. 
Use the circle of PDCA effectively and apply various control methods of management, to establish
QST internal related Documented procedures and regulations, dedicate ourselves to reduce the environment impact from our company’s activities , products and services.