Remote VMI Program
From the experiences in supporting its logistics network, QST understands that the success of distribution is about inventory management. By introducing modern IT and logistics technology, QST developed in 2003 a web-based EDI platform, to provide remote VMI service to its overseas customers. With this platform, we successfully reduced customers’ on-hand inventory up to 50% and doubled the inventory turn through information interchange of forecast and usage, collaborative planning, and automatic replenishment.

On-Site Logistics Service

Based on its many-year experiences in fastener export, QST started its distribution business in 1996 when its China operation – Yeswin was founded in Suzhou. Throughout the years, QST’s logistics network now covers logistics service branches, warehouses and distribution centers located in Changchun, Beijing, Chonqing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Zhanjiang in China, and Chonburi in Thailand.QST’s logistics network delivers tailored services, including JIT, Kanban, VMI, Bar Code, 2 Bin, in-house crib and products integration, localization, Joint design, value analysis and engineering to OEM assembly plants in China and Thailand.